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A Mother’s Bargain With “The Death”

A mom sat there along with her little baby. She was so downcast, so afraid that it ought to die! It was so pale, the small eyes had closed themselves, and it drew its breath so softly, from time to time, with a deep respiration, as if it sighed; and the mom regarded nonetheless extra sorrowfully on the little creature.

Then a knocking was heard on the door, and in got here a poor previous man wrapped up as in a big horse-cloth, for it warms one, and he wanted it, because it was the chilly winter season! Every little thing out-of doorways was lined with ice and snow, and the wind blew in order that it lower the face.

Because the previous man trembled with chilly, and the little baby slept a second, the mom went and poured some ale right into a pot and set it on the range, that it is perhaps heat for him; the previous man sat and rocked the cradle, and the mom sat down on a chair shut by him, and checked out her little sick baby that drew its breath so deep, and raised its little hand.

“Do you not assume that I shall save him?” mentioned she. “Our Lord won’t take him from me!”

And the previous man–it was Dying himself–he nodded so unusually, it may simply as nicely signify sure as no. And the mom regarded down in her lap, and the tears ran down over her cheeks; her head turned so heavy–she had not closed her eyes for 3 days and nights; and now she slept, however just for a minute, when she began up and trembled with chilly.

“What’s that?” mentioned she, and regarded on all sides; however the previous man was gone, and her little baby was gone–he had taken it with him; and the previous clock within the nook burred, and burred, the good leaden weight ran right down to the ground, bump! after which the clock additionally stood nonetheless.

However the poor mom ran out of the home and cried aloud for her baby.

On the market, within the midst of the snow, there sat a lady in lengthy, black garments; and he or she mentioned, “Dying has been in thy chamber, and I noticed him hasten away with thy little baby; he goes sooner than the wind, and he by no means brings again what he takes!”

“Oh, solely inform me which manner he went!” mentioned the mom. “Inform me the way in which, and I shall discover him!”

“I do know it!” mentioned the girl within the black garments. “However earlier than I inform it, thou should first sing for me all of the songs thou hast sung for thy baby! I’m keen on them. I’ve heard them earlier than; I’m Night time; I noticed thy tears while thou sang’st them!”

“I’ll sing all of them, all!” mentioned the mom. “However don’t cease me now–I could overtake him–I could discover my baby!”

However Night time stood nonetheless and mute. Then the mom wrung her palms, sang and wept, and there have been many songs, however but many extra tears; after which Night time mentioned, “Go to the fitting, into the darkish pine forest; thither I noticed Dying take his manner with thy little baby!”

The roads crossed one another within the depths of the forest, and he or she now not knew whither she ought to go! then there stood a thorn-bush; there was neither leaf nor flower on it, it was additionally within the chilly winter season, and ice-flakes held on the branches.

“Hast thou not seen Dying go previous with my little baby?” mentioned the mom.

“Sure,” mentioned the thorn-bush; “however I cannot inform thee which manner he took, until thou wilt first heat me up at thy coronary heart. I’m freezing to loss of life; I shall change into a lump of ice!”

And she or he pressed the thorn-bush to her breast, so firmly, that it is perhaps completely warmed, and the thorns went proper into her flesh, and her blood flowed in giant drops, however the thornbush shot forth contemporary inexperienced leaves, and there got here flowers on it within the chilly winter night time, the center of the bothered mom was so heat; and the thorn-bush informed her the way in which she ought to go.

She then got here to a big lake, the place there was neither ship nor boat. The lake was not frozen sufficiently to bear her; neither was it open, nor low sufficient that she may wade by it; and throughout it she should go if she would discover her baby! Then she lay right down to drink up the lake, and that was an impossibility for a human being, however the bothered mom thought {that a} miracle may occur however.

“Oh, what would I not give to come back to my baby!” mentioned the weeping mom; and he or she wept nonetheless extra, and her eyes sunk down within the depths of the waters, and have become two valuable pearls; however the water bore her up, as if she sat in a swing, and he or she flew within the rocking waves to the shore on the alternative aspect, the place there stood a mile-broad, unusual home, one knew not if it have been a mountain with forests and caverns, or if it have been constructed up; however the poor mom couldn’t see it; she had wept her eyes out.

“The place shall I discover Dying, who took away my little baby?” mentioned she.

“He has not come right here but!” mentioned the previous grave girl, who was appointed to take care of Dying’s nice greenhouse! “How have you ever been capable of finding the way in which hither? And who has helped you?”

“Our Lord has helped me,” mentioned she. “He’s merciful, and additionally, you will be so! The place shall I discover my little baby?”

“Nay, I do know not,” mentioned the girl, “and you can not see! Many flowers and bushes have withered this night time; Dying will quickly come and plant them over once more! You definitely know that each particular person has his or her life’s tree or flower, simply as everybody occurs to be settled; they appear to be different crops, however they’ve pulsations of the center. Youngsters’s hearts also can beat; go after yours, maybe it’s possible you’ll know your baby’s; however what is going to you give me if I let you know what you shall do extra?”

“I’ve nothing to provide,” mentioned the bothered mom, “however I’ll go to the world’s finish for you!”

“Nay, I’ve nothing to do there!” mentioned the girl. “However you may give me your lengthy black hair; you already know your self that it’s fantastic, and that I like! You shall have my white hair as an alternative, and that’s all the time one thing!”

“Do you demand nothing else?” mentioned she. “That I’ll gladly offer you!” And she or he gave her her fantastic black hair, and received the previous girl’s snow-white hair as an alternative.

So that they went into Dying’s nice greenhouse, the place flowers and bushes grew unusually into each other. There stood fantastic hyacinths below glass bells, and there stood strong-stemmed peonies; there grew water crops, some so contemporary, others half sick, the water-snakes lay down on them, and black crabs pinched their stalks. There stood lovely palm-trees, oaks, and plantains; there stood parsley and flowering thyme: each tree and each flower had its title; every of them was a human life, the human body nonetheless lived–one in China, and one other in Greenland–spherical about on this planet. There have been giant bushes in small pots, in order that they stood so stunted in progress, and able to burst the pots; somewhere else, there was just a little uninteresting flower in wealthy mould, with moss spherical about it, and it was so petted and nursed. However the distressed mom bent down over all of the smallest crops, and heard inside them how the human coronary heart beat; and amongst tens of millions she knew her baby’s.

“There it’s!” cried she, and stretched her palms out over just a little blue crocus, that hung fairly sickly on one aspect.

“Don’t contact the flower!” mentioned the previous girl. “However place your self right here, and when Dying comes–I anticipate him each second–don’t let him pluck the flower up, however threaten him that you’ll do the identical with the others. Then he shall be afraid! He’s liable for them to our Lord, and nobody dares to pluck them up earlier than he provides depart.”

All of sudden an icy chilly rushed by the good corridor, and the blind mom may really feel that it was Dying that got here. “How hast thou been capable of finding thy manner hither?” he requested. “How couldst thou come faster than I?” “I’m a mom,” mentioned she.

And Dying stretched out his lengthy hand in the direction of the fantastic little flower, however she held her palms quick round his, so tight, and but afraid that she ought to contact one of many leaves. Then Dying blew on her palms, and he or she felt that it was colder than the chilly wind, and her palms fell down powerless.

“Thou canst not do something in opposition to me!” mentioned Dying.

“However our Lord can!” mentioned she.

“I solely do His bidding!” mentioned Dying. “I’m His gardener, I take all His flowers and bushes, and plant them out within the nice backyard of Paradise, within the unknown land; however how they develop there, and the way it’s there I dare not inform thee.”

“Give me again my baby!” mentioned the mom, and he or she wept and prayed. Without delay she seized maintain of two lovely flowers shut by, with every hand, and cried out to Dying, “I’ll tear all thy flowers off, for I’m in despair.”

“Contact them not!” mentioned Dying. “Thou say’st that thou artwork so sad, and now thou wilt make one other mom equally sad.”

“One other mom!” mentioned the poor girl, and immediately let go her maintain of each the flowers.

“There, thou hast thine eyes,” mentioned Dying; “I fished them up from the lake, they shone so brilliant; I knew not they have been thine. Take them once more, they’re now brighter than earlier than; now look down into the deep nicely shut by; I shall inform thee the names of the 2 flowers thou wouldst have torn up, and thou wilt see their entire future life–their entire human existence: and see what thou wast about to disturb and destroy.”

And she or he regarded down into the nicely; and it was a happiness to see how the one turned a blessing to the world, to see how a lot happiness and pleasure have been felt in all places. And she or he noticed the opposite’s life, and it was sorrow and misery, horror, and wretchedness.

“Each of them are God’s will!” mentioned Dying.

“Which ones is Misfortune’s flower and which is that of Happiness?” requested she.

“That I cannot inform thee,” mentioned Dying; “however this thou shalt know from me, that the one flower was thy personal baby! it was thy baby’s destiny thou noticed’st–thy personal baby’s future life!”

Then the mom screamed with terror, “Which ones was my baby? Inform it me! Save the harmless! Save my baby from all that distress! Relatively take it away! Take it into God’s kingdom! Neglect my tears, neglect my prayers, and all that I’ve performed!”

“I don’t perceive thee!” mentioned Dying. “Wilt thou have thy baby once more, or shall I’m going with it there, the place thou dost not know!”

Then the mom wrung her palms, fell on her knees, and prayed to our Lord: “Oh, hear me not once I pray in opposition to Thy will, which is the very best! hear me not! hear me not!”

And she or he bowed her head down in her lap, and Dying took her baby and went with it into the unknown land.

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