Mobile App Monetization Platforms for Publishers 2022

Top Mobile App Monetization Platform 2022


1) AdMob

Founded in 2012, AdMob enables powerful mobile app monetization with in-app advertising. To date, AdMob serves 200 billion ad requests per month globally. The platform thrives on performance and provides intelligent analytics for app publishers to enjoy. AdMob provides mediation for publishers by connecting mobile apps to the best mobile ad networks.

The monetization platform allows publishers to easily optimize the number of ad impressions to control revenue. AdMob monetizes successfully from mobile apps available on App Store and Google Play. The power of Google Analytics adds to making AdMob one of the best mobile app monetization platforms.

2) IronSource

Ironsource Mobile App is a multi-platform supporting monetization platform. Providing 1 billion daily impressions, Ironsource enables monetization for iOS, Android, Unity and more. The platform successfully opens access to premium gold ad inventory which means greater eCPM every time. Ironsource Mediation successfully aligns advertising to be displayed from only the best ad networks in the world.

In addition, advanced reporting and analytics as well as impressive ad formats make Ironsource stand out from the rest. Ironsource also provides a creative production tool for artistic display and rapid monetization.

3) AppLovin

AppLovin thrives as an advanced monetization solution for mobile app publishers. Known for providing a great user experience, AppLovin recently acquired MoPub. The platform unlocks great earning potential for mobile app publishers by offering flexible monetization solutions. AppLovin enables mediation to maximise revenue per impression, growing in-app revenues at most.

4) ConsoliAds

ConsoliAds with its auto-arbitration connects mobile apps to the best mobile ad networks for publishers. The platform efficiently mediates all ad formats to maximize in-app revenue. To enable mobile app monetization, app publishers only need to integrate ConsolidAds’ lightweight SDK.

To maximize in-app revenue, the platform offers granular analytics as well as show rate optimization. Consolidated provides complete control of the live and testing environments with a very simple interface. This mobile app monetization platform easily supports apps from App Store, Google Play, Amazon, Galaxy Store and Huawei AppGallery. In addition, Consolidated’s proactive customer support app helps publishers monetize seamlessly with expert knowledge round the clock.

5) Chartboost

Chartboost offers a simple interface and ensures ease of use. The platform links mobile apps to premium demand sources to maximize advertising revenue. Chartboost monetizes with real-time bidding and allows you to access revenue data with transparency. The ease of control of the dashboard adds a lot of value to the performance of Chartboost.

6) Unity Ads

Unity Ads celebrates with the largest gaming community in the world. The platform ensures greater revenue with higher player engagement. Unity Ads is known for monetizing mobile games with highly interactive video ads that bring in better eCPMs. Moreover, with powerful analytics and data transparency, Unity Ads allow app publishers to monetize better. The platform also provides advanced safe and stable tools to enhance mobile game performance at most.

The mobile app industry has been bringing multiple digital innovations to the front. Mobile app monetization is surely one of these and is certainly evolving with the passing of time. However, to make things work for your app, you will need to choose just the right mobile ad monetization platform to integrate with. Surely this list will help you find the right one!


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